Space-based optical communication systems are poised to take a breakthrough role in commercial SmallSat missions. Backed by successful on-orbit demonstrations, and led by new technology developments, the migration to optical communications from traditional radio frequency (RF) designs will provide a significant leap in the data downlink capabilities of low Earth orbit (LEO) small satellites.

Providing an Optical Communications Solution

BridgeSat’s mission is to speed the adoption of optical communications systems by providing operators with a  solution that seamlessly connects satellites and high-altitude unmanned vehicles to the ground, and accommodates accelerating demand for accurate and frequent data collection from LEO satellites. Designed to either augment existing RF systems or provide a primary downlink channel, BridgeSat’s solution includes mission analysis, upfront design work, delivery and integration of space terminals, and access to a ground network that provides delivery of the operator’s data directly from their satellite or UAV to their server.

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